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All of these experts bring different knowledge of the RV industry to the table to help answer any questions you may have. The Parallax Power Supply team is dedicated to making the RV electrical purchasing process as easy as possible by answering any and all of the questions that come with this process. We value the integrity of our promise and excellence in supporting you in all areas of RV electrical purchasing. These trustworthy experts work hard to provide the best service to our customers and provide the best quality products for your RVs.


Marty Redd

RV Engineering

Marty Redd’s experience in the RV industry lends to his extensive expertise in the RV electrical world. Serving 16 years in the RV industry Marty has acquired knowledge that can help with any Parallax product. Marty has the experience needed to answer any questions with Parallax RV converter and electrical systems. He served as an instructor at the RVIA Troubleshooter Clinics for 10 years and has conducted numerous RV converter electrical system seminars at OEM facilities, trade shows, and RV Rallies. He is someone to count on to help RV mobile or dealer technicians with RV electrical issues.


Bruce Jones

Warranty Administrator

Bruce Jones’ previous experience as a General Motors Certified Technician and Delco Battery Manufacturing Controls Designer along with his current status can ensure you are receiving quality service from your warranty coverage. Serving the RV industry for 11 years, Bruce is a reliable and trustworthy expert to answer any questions you may have. Through his expertise in testing products such as circuit breakers, voltage converters, and automatic transfer switches along with OEM product line auditing experience, you can rest assured that the technical advice and warranty claim testing you need is handled with care and integrity. Bruce is a reliable source when looking for answers to all Parallax product electrical questions.


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