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Parallax Power Supply

Welcome to Parallax Power Supply! We are the pioneers in the RV electrical industry with over 50 years of service, experience, and innovation!

From our Deckmount Converters, Distributor Panels, to our Power Centers and everything in between, you can expect high quality, innovative electrical systems that are manufactured from premium components, excellently designed, and expertly engineered.

As a company, Parallax Power Supply has a history and resources that go back to the early days of the RV industry. This includes companies such as Phillips, BW Manufacturing, and MagneTek™, which give us insight and experience that newer off-shore converter manufacturers simply cannot draw from.

Our products have always been made in North America and built with steel enclosures, just as residential and industrial electrical systems are today. The Parallax units today are descendants of the original three-current stage converter/charger dating back to the early 1970s, though they may not have used the “marketing” term that is used today by other manufacturers.

The companies the Parallax technology evolved from were among the very first adopters of the technology for RV use. Since their inception, solid-state converters manufactured by MagneTek™ and Parallax have used Bulk, Absorption, and Float current modes or “stages” to charge RV batteries at a rate designed to maintain and promote battery life and safety.

Parallax converters today continue to be the most reliable converters in the recreational vehicle industry. With the TempAssure™ system, our charging systems charge RV batteries better than any other RV converter system manufactured today. And, we are continuing to revolutionize the RV converter industry with products like the TempAssure™ adaptive multistage charging system.